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The right solutions require a special mix of engineering and application expertise.  Our team of experienced professionals delivers tangible results throughout the project lifecycle.


Clear Pane is dedicated to quality Network design, System design and support services in the Northeast United States. We offer consulting services. Installation and support of various operating systems, including Microsoft Server products, Linux products, and Novell products.



Clear Pane rises above the competition by the breadth of our offering and expertise. Not only can we help our customers build and maintain any aspect of their IT infrastructure, we can help them finance it and enhance their productivity and efficiency through business process solutions and supply chain software.

Over 25 Years in the Ever-Changing Computer Industry.



Expedited change defines the information age.

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Our 3 Keys:
Security, Reliability, & Efficiency

Our staff has been in the industry for over 25 years and have extensive experience in each vertical we serve.

Secure computer data and reliable network operation are essential to your success. We gauge our success by our 3 keys. Our solutions will meet and exceed these standards.

Technology’s speed of change is almost overwhelming. As tech and internet usage increase and rates accelerate exponentially, Clear Pane helps you to meet these challenges. 

Unifed Storage

System Design

Hardware & Software

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Whatever your IT needs, Clear Pane is here to guide you through starting, maintaining, optimizing, and expanding your business' technologies.

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