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Our Company Profile


Our strategy is to leverage partnerships with key vendors like HP, Cisco, Dell/Compellent, VMware, NetApp, Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, EMC, Blue Coat, Quantum, Google, River Bed, GSX, and Lenovo.


This strategy enables us to provide, integrate and deliver solutions in the most critical technologies for our customers in cost effective manner. We are also partnered with many other industry leading manufacturers such as F5, APC, Citrix, Emerson, Kingston, Isilon Systems, Symantec Message Labs, Symantec DLP, and Xerox.

What We Offer


Power by People: A unique combination of engineering excellence, management expertise and precision technology enables Clear Pane to maintain one of the leading positions in providing technology solutions.

  • Storage

  • Exchange

  • Networking

  • Wireless Networks

  • Professional and Managed Services

  • Unifed Communications

  • Server Consolidation

  • Virtualization

  • Security

  • Data Center Design and Operation


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