Today's businesses are driven by doing more with less, facing revolutionary transformation, where the focus is on aligning business and technology with a greater need to quantify and qualify investments with a need to drive business ahead. As these principles drive technology decisions, we at Fair Haven remain focused on delivering realizable and practical business value for our Clients.


We come to you as peers, not vendors. In our opinion, Clients buy pain management; technology is just an enabler to repair that pain. At the core of all our thinking is a concern for the client's return on investment.

As such, following are few of the reasons why you should form an alliance with us:


  • Reliable, professional & courteous service

  • Clear communications & understanding of your requirements

  • Confidentiality and data security

  • Good value, excellent service and second to none after sales support!


ADIDAS Adidas is a German-based sports apparel manufacturer and parent company of the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade-Adidas golf company, and Rockport. Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other products such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear and other sports and clothing related goods. The company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world, after its U.S. rival Nike.

Duane Reade
Duane Reade

DUANE READE Duane Reade, which opened in 1960 and is named after its first store located on Broadway between Duane and Reade streets in Manhattan, is the largest drugstore chain in the New York City metropolitan area. Over the past two years, Duane Reade has embarked upon a significant brand transformation initiative based upon extensive market research.

Ashley Stewart
Ashley Stewart

ASHLEY STEWART Ashley Stewart is the premier fashion retailer for the plus size urban woman plus sizes 12-26. Ashley Stewart is truly an eclectic mix. It is fashion forward, sexy and inspirational. Our fashion mix includes plus size jeans as well as the perfect pant, plus size tops, and plus size bottoms, accessories, plus size dresses.

City of New Haven, Conneticut
City of New Haven, Conneticut

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"Clear Pane Technology relocated our main datacenter flawlessly..." - NY Cable Company



"Clear Pane got us the equipment we needed at our price when others could not ..." -Major Footwear Manufacturer in South Carolina



"They guided us through a tough negotiation process and saved us major dollars ..." - NY Women Apparel Store Chain



"Our Voip SIP project was in trouble, Clear Pane came in and managed the project. The project is on-track for a successful implementation..." - Drug Store Chain